In November 2016, DroneDeploy launched their industry-leading App Marketplace. Flyte is one of 15 inaugural apps given the opportunity to be a part of this powerful innovation further enabling commercial drone pilots worldwide.

The Flyte-DroneDeploy partnership enables pilots instant access to the crucial airspace and hazard information they must access based on the planned flight paths within DroneDeploy. Flyte’s offering is designed to enhance DroneDeploy pilots’ experience, giving them one of our  platform’s key features, in a streamlined user experience.

With Flyte generates immediate and accurate airspace and hazard reporting and giving pilots clear understanding of the airspace they will be flying their drones within. It has been designed within the DroneDeploy, to be complementary to the existing user-experience generating flight reports in just a few more clicks.

Our platform is trusted by pilots worldwide and it is with great excitement that we have the opportunity to provide part of our service alongside DroneDeploy and to their audience.  To date, Flyte has enabled over DroneDeploy pilots across 30 countries to rapidly plan their flights with Flyte’s instantaneous airspace assessment and reporting.

The goal of Flyte, not only within DroneDeploy but within our full flight platform as well, is to save pilots time when flight planning by removing the need for spreadsheets, distributed resources and paper-records that frequently need consolidation.

Matt & Kerr - Flyte Co-Founders

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