All Your Flight Planning In One Place

All Your Flight Planning in One Tool

Permissions Handling

Access Flyte at home, in the field, before and after flying to ensure you are always equipped with the information and resources necessary.

Offline Mapping and In-Field Flight Planning

Sharable Reporting

Flyte maintains all information generated through flight planning. This information is easily exported into standardised reports tailored to the pilot and their client’s requirements.

Automated Reporting

Airspace Integration

Through our partnership with leading data supplier AIRMAP, Flyte leverages D-NAS enabling pilots to integrate into national airspace and communicate with ATC.

Airspace Integration

Digital NOTAMS

Flyte provides full and up to the minute information of these restrictions ensuring pilots understand any temporary flight restrictions within the airspace they will be entering.

Digital NOTAMS/TFRs and Ground Hazards

Flyte Hardware Management
Hardware Management

Hardware Management

Accurately manage your hardware using Flyte’s built in hardware management system. Record flights, damage, repairs, batteries and usage.

Pilots can record, log and note their own site specific ground hazards within their pre-flight planning. This enables unprecedented specificity for the pilot bringing flight planning full circle.

Custom Hazards

Custom Hazards

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The Flyte Platform

Pricing for all types of drone flight planning.

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  • Log and Permanently Store Post Flight Logs

  • Access to Airspace Knowledge Bank

  • Standardised Reporting 

  • Battery Usage and Charge Cycle Management

  • Fast Technical Hardware Management & Organisation Kits

  • Automated Reporting and Document Creation

  • Collaborate and share flight plans with multiple pilots, clients and third parties

  • Customisable Flight Hazards

  • Full Access to Mobile App Flight Planning

  • Permanent and Unlimited Storage of Flight Plans and Logs

  • Integrate into airspace and log flight with ATC

  • Access to Global Flight Hazard, TFR, NOTAM, Restricted & Danger Areas, Ground Hazard and Flight Alert Datasets

  • Powerful, High Resolution Vector-Based Mapping






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